Monday, September 28, 2009

An 'Almost' Goose Chase

Sometimes when you go shopping it's a military maneuver; you know..."hit it and get it" as my Darling Boyfriend says! That's mainly the way he shops, but there are also times when he'll happily look around (just not all day!).  Sometimes when I'm shopping (usually alone!) I'll tend to drift in the vicinity of the garden stuff (if it's in season that is!), and of course the bake and serve ware. I just love looking at all of the pretty bowls and baking dishes!
Well, the other day I was shopping for some clothes and strolled over to the kitchenware area. I turned a corner and found the prettiest hand painted veggie / cracker tray, and there was a cute little flower-shaped bowl that matched. They were just so bright and cheery, and really perfect for entertaining. I was all set to get both pieces, and I noticed that there was a fairly large chip along the top of the rim. I passed on buying the pretty little bowl, but I did get the tray!

Of course I still wanted that pretty little bowl, so I called around to all of the other store locations.  I was just starting to get disappointed, and beginning to think that I would have to settle for that chipped one, as I called the last store on my list. Would you believe that they had not one, but four of them?! So I asked them to please put all four of them on hold for me, and they were happy to do so. I showed up with bells on to pick up my four little prize bowls! It's sometimes the smallest personal victories that can really make your day!  Aren't they all so cute?

As long as I was there, I just had to take a look around to see if by chance they might have any other accompanying pieces. I did find one more piece that, I think, will set off the whole ensemble. Take a look... last thing...did I mention that they were all on clearance?  I wrapped up the entire purchase for $13.87.  Major score!

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