Monday, March 1, 2010

Early Spring Quietude


 Not very far from the farm is a single-lane bridge that nobody has used for quite some time now.  I'm not sure that is would be very safe to actually drive across it these days though.  But then again, I've seen the river so high that the water is actually rushing across the floor boards.  On closer inspection, it's surprising to see that the floor boards aren't nearly as rotted out as you'd think they should be.  It stands as a testament to how well-built things were  "back in the day."  I sometimes wonder what year it was built, and I try to imagine how many changes in cars there were from the time it was built, until the last one drove across it.  If only it could talk!  It may not be as beautiful or interesting as the covered bridges we all love (we've got those around too!), but I always thought that this was an interesting structure and beautiful in its' own way.

(here's how it would look without the effects)